Faulty Inspections & Pitfalls
Of Poor Project Management
Wed. Mar. 11th • 8:00 am to 9:00 am • Hawaii Suite 1
Free continental breakfast refreshments provided!
Faulty inspections and poor project management work during the construction phase of a building can result in huge liability claims and lawsuits years later. Hear about actual case studies relatng to Ala Moana Shopping Center, Honolulu rail and various condominium buildings to discover tips on what to be aware of and what NOT to do.
Lance Luke,
Principal Consultant,
Construction Management Inspection LLC.
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Pedestrian & Asset Protection
With the Proper Use of Signage
Wed. Mar. 11th • 8:00 am to 9:00 am • Hawaii Suite 2
Free continental breakfast refreshments provided!
Pedestrian accidents are on the rise. Regulations and standards in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) pertain to proper delineation of pedestrian crosswalks and parking lot signs for facilities with roads to public traffic. Learn how to comply with MUTCD to make pedestrians safer on your property and protect its asset value.
Gregg Ubehart,
Regional Sales Manager,
Impact Recovery Systems
Presented by
G P Roadways

101 Course: How to Read Your
Association’s Financial Statements.
Wed. Mar. 11th • 8:00 am to 9:00 am • Hawaii Suite 3
Free continental breakfast refreshments provided!
As an Association Board Member understanding your monthly financials is a critical responsibility. This session will explain the key components of your statements, what to look out for and how to spot red flags to help keep your Association’s finances accurately on track
Neil Ross, CMCA, AMS
Seinor Vice President, Operations,
Associa Hawaii
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WED. Breakfast SESSION: BOMA Hawaii

BOMA Hawaii Members: FREE
Non-members: $25.

Register Online: www.bomahawaii.com
Energy Efficiency & Renewables as a Service
(EaaS & RaaS)
Wed. Mar. 11th • Doors open at 7:30 am • Pikake Room
Registration 7:30 am • Breakfast 7:45 am • Program 8 am to 8:45 am
Learn about Energy Efficiency as a Service (EaaS), a model that enables commercial customers to undertake energy efficiency projects with no unfront capital outlay. This session will address the structrure of EaaS agreements, program approaches, challenges and benefits, AND the energy savings potential.
Anthony Amendola,
Chief Financial Officer,
Energy Advisors, LLC.
Akamai Training & Consulting
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What Might a Forensic Assessment Reveal
About Your Building’s Environmental Health?
Wed. Mar. 11th • 10:00 am to 11:00 am • Hawii Suite 1
A buildng’s environmental health and tenant well-being can be com- prormised by toxic hazards found not only in building materials and cleaning chemicals, but also in poorly maintained HVAC, lighting and plumbing systems. How bad and how costly can it get? Learn from case studies presented by a Certified Environmental Consultant.
Kenton Beal,
Exec. Vice-President & Certified Environmental Consultant,
ENPRO Environmental
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Parking Access, Security & Revenue Control
With License Plate Recognition Technology
Wed. Mar. 11th • 10:00 am to 11:00 am • Hawaii Suite 2
License plate recognition technology has become a multi-purpose tool for integrating parking lot access control with security and revenue enhancement applications. Learn how this technology works and how it can quickly and accurately speed up the process of vehicle identifiction, entry and exit without the expense of transmitters.
Sagy Amit,
Founder & VP, Marketing,
Presented by
Ohana Control Systems

What New AOAO Board Members Need To Know
(and experienced Directors need reminding of.)
Wed. Mar. 11th • 10:00 am to 11:00 am • Hawaii Suite 3
This session is designed to clearly define for newly elected Directors, the obligations and objectives of a Community Association Board and how to become an effective member by promoting good business practices and avoiding bad ones.

Learn about key issues associated with the following five areas:

  1. How do the roles & responsibilities of Boards differ from those of Managing Agents?
  2. What is “fiduciary duty” and the best ways to avoid exposure?
  3. What is “obligation of good faith” and it’s protection & exclusions under directors & officers liability insurance and fidelity insurance?
  4. What are best practices in establishing and implementing employment policies and creating a handbook?
  5. What are the best ways for Board Members to communicate amongst each other and with their Association members?


John Knorek, Esq.,
Torkildson, Katz, Moore, Hetherington & Harris

Christian Porter, Esq. ,
Porter McGuire Kiakona & Chow, LLP

Christopher Shea Goodwin, Esq.
Christopher Shea Goodwin AAL LLLC

John Morris, Esq.,
Ekimoto & Morris

Michael Gordon,
VP / Sr. Property Manager ,
Hawaiian Properties, Ltd.

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Fire Sprinkler Water Pumps:
Testing and Maintenance.
Wed. Mar. 11th • 10:00 am to 11:00 am • Oahu Room
This session will look at key components of water pumps, how they work and the specific items and intervals the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends for testing and maintenance. Also, new regulations in Honolulu related to fire sprinkler system upgrades and installations will be reviewed with regard to work needed and the availability of qualified contractors.
Phil Jamerson,
District Sales Manager West,
Peerless Pump Sales
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IREM members: $55
Non-members: $60

To Register: www.iremhawaii.org
Call: (877) 4-IREM-HI
email: iremhawaii@gmail.com
Building the Confident Leaders of Tomorrow:
“An Approach to Effective Leadership”
Wed. Mar. 11th • Doors open at 11:30 am • Pikake Room
Lunch & Program: Noon to 1:00 pm
This session is a must for anyone who manages a team. Whether you oversee a massive facility or supervises a crew of two, we have some mana'o to empower you to be a successful leader of people. Our featured speaker will share his leadership experience and knowledge to help you expand your repertoire of management skills and improve your ability to lead.
John Komejii,
General Counsel & Vice President,
Kamehameha Schools
Presented by
Insulated Glazing Units: Fabrication, Missile
Resistance, and Common Failure Modes
Wed. Mar. 11th • 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm • Hawaii Suite 1
Qualifies for 1.0 AIA Continuing Education Unit.
This presentation will review the fabrication of Insulated Glazing Units (IGUs) from float glass facility to final assembly. We will also review window missile resistance requirements used in Hawaii by highlighting the Building Code and viewing footage of actual hurricane-resistant window testing. Finally, we will share common IGU failure modes as encountered by ABBAE’s Forensic Consulting staff.
Gerson Bers, LEED AP,
Vice President and Senior Principal,
Allana Buick & Bers, Inc.
Presented by
Allana Buick and Bers

The Art of Negotiation
Wed. Mar. 11th • 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm • Hawaii Suite 2
We all negotiate every day. Spouses or significant others. Children. Pets. Co-workers. Everyone! Learn how to recognize and overcome important communications challenges, and discover 3 key strategies to improve your negotiating success rate. Don’t miss this session!
Alan Crandall,
Community Association Banking,
Presented by

Communications Bootcamp: 5 Solutions
Your Association Can Adopt Today.
Wed. Mar. 11th • 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm • Hawaii Suite 3
Should I email, meet, phone, fax or send a letter? In an ever-more connected world, expectations around Board and Association communications have never been higher. This session will provide useful hints and tips to help your Association get the word out.
Neil Ross, CMCA, AMS,
Senior Vice President, Operations,
Associa Hawaii
Presented by

Realistic Reserve Studies Matter
In Today’s Homebuying Market
Wed. Mar. 11th • 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm • Oahu Room
Homebuyers are more aware that reserve studies can protect the value of their purchases. Help them gain confidence in your building. Have a strong reserve balance to fund future capital expenditures including painting, spall repair, elevator and fire safety upgrades and to replace windows, railings and drain pipes
Jonathan Billings RS, PCAM,
Vertical Hawaii Home Inspections & Reserve Studies
Presented by
Vertical Hawaii Home Inspections & Reserve Studies